Hello, and welcome to my website. 👋 I’m a Tech Product Leader out of Colorado (Details). I live in Golden with my wife Sara and our son Finn. Personally, I get most excited about adventure and exploration, I love the wilds and the stars. Professionally, I get most excited about insights, clarity, and careful study that uncovers impactful and actionable truths. If software engineering is a profesion about exploring what is possible, then I believe product management is a profession about exploring what is needed.¬†Together, we find the intersection and turn the stuff of magic into reality. 🚀

The largest portion of my career I’ve been lucky enough to lead engineering teams that built SendGrid’s Marketing Campaigns, as well as guide the evolution of that product (as a PM) for many years. After nearly a decade working at SendGrid, from 20 to 400+ employees, and a year with Twilio post acquisiton, I decided to go back to earlier stage companies and work with great companies like Rachio, and Stream, where I built a product team and the product function from scratch.

I’ve also dabbled for many years as a weekend warrior in the indie game world. I built my first dev team in college, unfortunately we never released our game, though we did create a very playable demo, before disbanding to focus on careers. And I’m currently part of an ambitious group of friends building the spiritual descendant of that game.¬†

And finally, I blog from time to time, you can find a smattering of posts on a smattering of topics on the left of this page.

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