My brother and some friends are working on a video game over at darkflowgame.com. It’s something both wildly classical, and also extremely novel. If you’ve ever played Gradius, Lifeforce, or 1942, then you’ll be familiar with the classical aspect of the game. These games are part of a pretty prolific, while rather fringe genre known as shoot-em ups, or shmups. They are 2 dimensional (in game-play if not graphically) and usually take on a top-down (1942) or side view (Gradius and Lifeforce). The novel aspect is that while the gameplay remains consitent with these classics, it’s contrasted with a dynamic camera angle and distance that weaves and tracks the player through the action. Imagine something like the opening scene in Revenge of the Sith (Side note: God damn, new star wars…)

But, I digress. DarkFlow is awesome, and while it’ll probably be a couple more years before it really comes to fruition, I’m crazy excited for it. It’s an awesome labor of love that gets better every day. So check out some promo videos, go check out the website, follow progress on Twitter or Facebook, or you know, don’t, I’m not your dad.

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